Give your taste buds a holiday a holiday

Teamazing, amaze your day!

bamboo leaves

What makes us special

Teamazing is a bubble tea shop, but we don’t just sell bubble milk tea.
We offer a variety of drinks, from fruit flavours to tea bases as well as extra toppings.
Add some colour to you life. Create your own special drink!

make your own fruity drink
bamboo leaves


Don’t know what to drink? We have a selection of our most popular flavours below.
Choose one and start your taste bud journey.

Premium milk tea with pearl

premium pearl milk tea

Brown sugar milk tea with grass herbal jelly topping

brown sugar grass jelly milk tea

Coconut milk in coffee


Thai milk tea with pearl

thai milk with pearl

Honeydew milk tea

honeydew milk tea

Guava black tea with lychee pops

guava black tea with lychee pops

Passionfruit black tea

passionfruit black tea

Orange sunrise tea with apple pops

orange sunrise with apple pops

Mango green tea

mango green tea

Vanilla milk smoothie

vanilla milk smoothie