Our Story

Teamazing was intercepted in 2009, while the co-founder Dale was working in his first job – a bubble tea shop attendant. His idea was simple, save up enough money to open a boutique bubble tea shop and serving premium ingredient bubble tea.

Dale came cross Hana in the winter of 2012, Hana is a bubble tea expert, who later refused the proposal by Dale to open a bubble tea shop. A little bit disappointed, but Dale didn’t give up; he then sought Yawn to help through a mutual friend. The idea was to write a proper business plan to present to Hana.

While Yawn was working on the “assignment”, he became quite fond to the idea and asked Dale if he could join the journey and Dale happily accepted. Everything seem was on the right tract in the Spring of 2013 until Dale found he was about to become a father.

The blessing of the child birth is also a curse to the business, the business plan was then shelved. In the summer of 2017, just about when everyone has forgotten the pipe dream Dale had when he was young, Hana knocked on Dale’s door and reminded Dale she never received the business plan.

The old crew was quickly assembled, each has made their own business success. With sheer focus on execution, from designing to opening, Teamazing Norwood shop only took three months.

Although the business plan was rewritten, our mission has never changed – to operate a boutique shop that serve best tasting bubble tea in SA. The journey has just started for us.

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